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The Sivana Podcast is for the spiritually-minded individuals that are consumed with finding the universal truths. Each week, we’ll sit down with someone who has in-depth knowledge about Eastern Spirituality, Yoga Philosophy, or living a more sustainable conscious life.

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Brett can’t even remember how she functioned before yoga! The strength, serenity and focus she gains with a daily practice continue to transform Brett and the people around her. Across the globe, people have sought out Brett for her fusion of mind-body radiance. Her purpose is to help you personalize your practice to unlock your best self and achieve your cherished goals.

Starting at age 3, Brett practiced yoga, then moved into dance. The overwhelming stress, anxiety and fear she felt as a teen and young adult led her back to yoga. Thanks to the focus that yoga and meditation provided, Brett designed popular global videogames in the fitness industry and became founder/CEO of a health-focused online company. Ultimately, Brett chose to envelope herself solely in the power and beauty of yoga. 

After experimenting with yoga in all its forms, she dedicated herself to studying Hatha Yoga, Tantra & Ayurveda under Alan Finger (ISHTA Yoga) in New York in 2005 and in India. Even after extensive training, Brett was too shy to teach real people in a classroom setting. She filmed a short yoga sequence to put online instead. This little video catalyzed Brett into her role as a renowned full-time award-winning yoga Youtuber, teacher, and teacher trainer.

Today, she teaches to a subscriber base of over 100K people on Youtube, where you can practice with her for free right now! Her content is streamed for 3 million minutes each month and she won Youtube’s “Next Up” award as one of the top emerging Youtube channels of 2017. She’s the founder of Uplifted Yoga, a private online yoga and meditation community, empowering students to personalize their practice and ignite their best life - on and off the mat. She’s instructed at top studios, companies like Google and Pinterest, and on retreats around the world. 

Brett discovered myofascial release and began training as a massage therapist in 2012. As a lifelong dancer, Brett fused her love of intuitive movement, soft tissue mobilization through myofascial release, and yoga into her Uplifted Online Yoga Teacher Training. Brett also has her own podcast, “The Yoga Hacks Podcast,” where she shares all the ways we can use yoga and meditation to micro-optimize life to achieve your goals and have more fun. 

When Brett’s not filming Youtube videos and delving into her personal practice, she’s hiking in the woods (and stretching in the car) with her new husband and joyous dog, Zeus. She’s so excited to be onboard as the host of the Sivana podcast and cannot wait to continuing nerding out on all things yoga, while also drinking delicious tea, with all of YOU!

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“I love your requests! Please reach out to me via social media!” - Brett

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